Lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court

Born in 1978. In 2007, awarded LL.M from New York University, New York, USA, majoring in Intellectual Property law. In 2004, awarded a LL.M from UCL, London, England, majoring in Shipping Law. In 2003, awarded a LL.M from the University of Athens, majoring in Civil Law. Awarded a LL.B from the University of Thessaloniki.
Started her career in 2007 as an associate at Lykourezos Law Office and dealt with cases in the following areas of law: banking law representing an established bank in Greece, corporate law cases, claiming damages and rebutting damages claims as well as dealing with other areas of corporate law (leasing, franchise, securities), internal disputes in commercial companies, intellectual property disputes (in civil and administrative courts) and registrations of trademarks and patents, as well dealing with cases with time-sharing.
Evangelia systematically deals with cases regarding inheritance law, property law, family law, medical malpractice as well as various cases dealing with immigration law. She was a member of the PPP team at Lykourezos Law Office.
Member of the Athens Bar Association from 2004. Has attended numerous conferences and seminars, indicatively: 09.2018, 43o Panhellenic Conference of the Association of Lawyers Specialising in Civil Procedure regarding “Issues dealing with Execution of Decisions”, held in Lefkada; 09.2015, Academy of European Law (ERA), regarding: “EU Gender Equality Law”, Trier, Germany; 02.2009, Current issues relating to the Law on the Status of Foreign Immigrants, Athens; 05.2008, Serres Bar Association and Alien and Immigration Law Association, regarding: «Foreign immigrants and Greece’s Legal Order», Serres; 05.2008 Lykourezos Law Office & Kelemenis and Associates Law Office, regarding: «Greece, Energy without Frontiers: Market Liberalisation and the Challenges for Regulation, Competition and the Security of Supply », Athens.

Dissertations (indicative):
1.    Dissertation at NYU, New York, USA: «Well Known Trademarks», 2007,
2.    Dissertation at UCL London, England: «Digital Signatures», 2004, and
3.    Dissertation and University of Athens, Athens, Greece: «Provisions for the lack of agreed properties in the law governing the sale of shares », 2006.

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